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Week 5, day 3!

Well I did it, thought several times about stopping, started that 5 minutes in but argued myself out of it! Thought about what it would b like telling people at home I ran for 20 minutes, telling u guys too. My breathing and heart rate was good and the pace was slow. A burning pain in my legs which was on and off but I told myself it would pass, which it did and that pain wouldn't kill me.

Can't say I enjoyed it but feel satisfied that I did "run" for 20 minutes and the longest I ever ran before C25K was 4 minutes, so a sense of achievement. If I can run this long, I can finish the programme.


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I love that your post is right next to my rambling one as well, and we were possibly both a bit scared beforehand :)

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Yep, you sure can. You better believe it baby!

Go Jooooooooooooooooooooools!


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