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Talking about "runniverseries"

After CurlyGurly's post, I thought to myself -- "when is MY Runniversary??" -- I know that my efforts to "pick myself up by my bootstraps" started in late October 2013. We were on a cruise to New Guinea - an inaugural cruise to ports which had not been visited by cruiseships for decades. There were many seasoned cruisers onboard - all of whom had never been to New Guinea. A group were discussing the arrival procedures at the first port - there was to be a bus to take us from the wharf to the town for $15. A question was asked - how far is it? Could we walk it? The answer came back - 3 klms ! An anguished voice came back from the back of the gathering - it came form a woman of my vintage -- she said : "OH! I couldn't POSSIBLY walk 3 klms!!!!" That night I could not sleep - all I could hear was this woman's voice saying that she could not POSSIBLY walk 3K. And I wondered "Can I????"

When we returned home, I tentatively walked the 1K down to a local park with some gym equipment - and started out on my personal journey to "fitness". I messed around doing this and other things for a couple of months - started "trying" to run the 100 metres between each piece of equipment - noticed and bought a cheap HRM ( I was well aware that my heart rate was going through the roof ) - got a GPS App (not Runkeeper at that time) and started to record some of my longer walks. Etc,Etc.

So basically - I can't really say exactly what is my "Runniversary" -- but I can see from my running log that I actually went to parkrun BEFORE I even started C25K - nearly a month before. So - I think that first visit to my localparkrun will be it - 11-Jan-2014!! :) I can remember it clearly -- I live in an area that I would not have thought (at the time) that there would be many people at this running event thingie ( called parkrun). I'll just go down there and see what it is all about - it will probably just be a small group of people, all good runners . Firstly, I couldn't believe that I could hardly find anywhere to park - and there was about 150 people there !! - even some who looked in worse shape than me!! :)

So- 11 Jan-2014 is my date - and my running log tells me that I have covered 1,386 klms since then :)

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Hahaha, a lovely post Bazza, I've got that woman's voice in my head now, and I wasn't even there! I have enjoyed reading your posts and following your journey over the past eighteen months. We started about the same time. That's quite some kilometreage too, well done x :-)


Well done Bazza. The date that sticks with me is my graduation day which was March 7th, I actually don't remember exactly when I started.


Well done Bazza 1,386K is not to be sniffed at! I keep a diary so I know the dates of everything, from when I saw the dentist to when the new fridge was delivered...my graduation run wasn't the happy event it is for most people, that's why I celebrate more that first 5K.

I find a lot of people of my age or older who say they're impressed with my running, if I point out that anyone can do it with the help of the lovely Laura, they get a sort of distant glazed look in their eyes....most of them probably maintain their cars better that their bodies...


Great post Bazza, and thank heavens you discovered this forum. Your antipodean slant and forensic exploration of all things running related, is highly valued by many of us.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Wow Bazza, 1386k ! With this under your belt you could run all the way from Perth to Broome and carry on to the tip of the Dampier Peninsula. Easy Peasy! It is warmer up there. You just have to watch out for the crocs.


Great post Bazza and a great tale too. You've got a lot to thank that woman for, as well as Laura! That's a lot of mileage on your legs and it's a great testament to the fact that our bodies are tough and can take it. Well done to you and congratulations on your mileage!


Great Post ! I think maybe that should the standard question "most" of us should ask. Maybe they could have tv adverts?

That is a fantastic distance that you have covered - Congratulations


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