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First time of posting and just completed Week 6 Run 3, 25 minutes without stopping. A bit surprised, to be honest, as I never imagined this was possible. 55 years of age, 40 fags a day for about 40 of those years (and loved every one of them) and, having quit 20 months ago, kind of realised that quitting itself wasn't enough, some restorative action was required.

This is an extraordinary programme and so much to do with what's in your head. I genuinely did not believe I would get this far. We are very lucky to have the NHS and here's the proof. Thank you.

Okay, that said, I'm a bit concerned by an impending holiday and just how much 10 days without running (and it really won't be possible) will set me back. Any suggestions as to how far I might have to rewind the programme? Almost don't want to go away...

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Probably just try and repeat the week, I doubt you will lose much if any of your running prowess in just over a week 😊 there are plenty of more knowledgeable people on here who can help you though!

Well done and congratulations on getting this far! ! 😆


Welcome to the madhouse :) Don't panic, you won't lose the fitness you've built up in such a short time. See how it goes when you get back - go for a "fun run" when you get back, without counting it as part of the programme, and see how long you run. If you hit 25 minutes, then you're fine, and if you don't then you won't be far off and you'll do it the second time.

Are you sure you won't be able to run during your holiday? Or are the gremlins talking you out of it because it's unknown territory? Pack your running gear - the worst that can happen is that you bring it back unused :) I remind myself of this mantra every time I hesitate about running: "Those who really want to do something find the means, those who don't find an excuse". It works :) Have a lovely holiday!


That is very impressive and just goes to show how brilliant this programme is!


you won't lose much fitness in a week. in fact the break may actually help. take you trainers and if you get a chance to go out take it. and if there's a gym nearby have a go at an easy week 3/4 run walk or similar to keep things going. have a lovely holiday


Well done, you should be really proud. I have just started the programme and would like to think I can run for more than one minute at some point.


Without wanting to sound like Darth Vader, you just have to believe in the programme and with the right amount of effort you will get there.


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