Calm down dear, it's only a run

Calm down dear, it's only a run

Pleased to say I had a good run last night. Even though I didn't feel like it (I've been having a bit of a run in with the running lately, lack of confidence an all that) I headed out and thought 'well what's the worst that can happen?' . Interval training and 7k later I'm like a changed woman, buzzing and high fiving it all the way home (to myself of course!). Oh and did I mention the personal best over the 5k which was so hilly so I'm having that one.

So here's the thing. I'm totally rational (most of the time) and I know every run can't be brilliant, life affirming and all that jazz. But how do you cope with the rubbish runs? It does strike me as amazing that despite the slow, why do I do this runs I'm still making progress. I'm beginning to think you just have to go through it whatever it ends up like, and keep er lit as best you can, because for some reason it just all ends up adding up.

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  • Sounds like a brilliant run! How do I cope with the rubbish runs? Well, I try to learn from them (though sometimes there isn't anything to learn), and I tell myself that even though I haven't run as far / fast as I wanted to at least I've been out there and running rather than sitting vegged out in front of the tv. And I promise myself I'll do better next time.

  • I suppose some runs you just have to put down to experience & learn not to dwell on them. X

  • Very true!

  • If you're struggling more you're probably getting more out of it I think. I seem to progress, very slowly, even though 9 out of 10 runs feel like a struggle, so I think even slow runs have their benefits.

  • Yes even those rough runs need to be done! Xx

  • My son at 11 holds an area title kickboxing with the English title september(crossed everything) He has put so much work in. Some weeks you can see he's not enjoying . But then that step up. The technique suddenly snaps together. His confidence soars.

    And I remind him at that point that he's reaping the benefits of all the slog he's put in.

    There is no bad run. Not if you want to improve.


    P.S- so impressed by the effort my son is putting in got me to start c25k!

  • It does seem like 90% of hard slog eventually adds up. Very best of luck to your son, sounds like he should be as proud of you as you are of him! X

  • Funny thing isn't it, that we let the bad ones bring us down? I do know what you're talking about, I had a great week last week, with some fab achievements but have had 2 crap runs on the trot this week. I probably overdid it last week, but the little gremlin voice in the back of my head is whispering "running is not for you Curly" What a pig that gremlin is! I know I can't give up as I have not one but 3 pairs of expensive shoes to use first!

    My dear BaldyBoy is actually very good at reminding me of all the times I've come in singing and whooping after a goodie, that helps enormously. Also next time I run I'll make sure it's an easy one on a route I like, so hopefully I'm sure of a good run.

    Congrats on your PB, xx

  • I understand this totally Sparky :-)

    Sometimes I think we have to experience the " lows" to make us really appreciate the " highs " All part and parcel of it , I think.

    Ive had times where I have a voice in my head saying " Call yourself a runner ? - Pah ! "

    Just one of those things , pretty normal I would say and then I just file it away in my " Job Completed " file and move on :-)

    Many Congratulations on your PB, its times like this that make it all worthwhile ! :-) xxx

  • Every run is training for the next one..........take the positives, file away the negatives, so you can tell yourself you have already coped with that, at some future date and nothing can stop you now.

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