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Wide feet high arch shoes

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Looking for some advice please on new shoes. I seem to struggle with planta fasciitis after ruining for more than 25 mins a few times a week, so have struggled to reach the end of the c25k programme.

I had my gait done s few weeks ago and they recommended a neutral shoes.

The only other thing to mention is that I have very high arches and wide feet, so am looking for a shoe that is wide and gives good cushioning.

Happy to spend a lot on shoes but really what them to be beneficial to prevent plants fasciitis coming back.

Any help appreciated.


5 Replies

Go with the shoes recommended by the people who did that gait analysis - did you do it in a sport shop? They are usually spot on :)

Mizunos are wider than most brands.

Happy running!


Hi David, I had plantar fasciitis, and found that running 3 times a week was just too much, I got the problem right at the 25 to 28 minute runs in the programme. (Twice) Since allowing myself to have that extra rest day I have moved on significantly, completed the programme and have done two 10k 'races'. I'm still slow but that doesn't matter, I do park run and one longer mid week run. Shoes have been very important too, I did have gait analysis early on, pf is an over use injury, and I now do calf stretches religiously after every run. I have high arches and actually under pronate, I have support shoes. Asics gel kayanos. Which have great cushioning, but I don't think they are over wide.

Hope my experience may help, best wishes


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Nike Pegasus or Vomero is well cushioned and wide in the toe box

Brooks Glycerine "

Mizuno well cushioned and the widest I tried on in sweatshop

Shoes are described as being neutral so you should manage to find them all right

The Gel Kayano is available in wider width but seemingly rarer than rocking horse doo do, and only the standard width seems to be stocked. I found them far too narrow


When I was getting PF I changed to Brooks Ghost and they did the trick for me. Everyone is different but there seem to be a lot of people who found the same so they are worth a look.


I had this a few years ago and saw a podiatrist who recommended orthothics, I now wear them in my running shies and this seems to help as i have not had a recurrence of the PF, good luck


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