How do I know if I'm going too fast?

After taking a week off to let my leg heal (I pulled a muscle in my calf, I think) I am back repeating week 2 and did my second run of it last night.

Thing is, it seemed even harder than ever and I was finding things like breathing hard to do and I'm wondering if I'm going too fast? My mile speed has been actually dropping but last night was the hardest it's been yet and I don't want to spoil things for myself

Anyone know a good way to tell if I'm going at the right speed?


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6 Replies

  • If you think that you can't talk to someone without gasping while running then you might want to slow down.😊

  • As far as C25k is concerned, there is no such thing as too slow - so aim for that! Good luck.

  • Yes - at this stage, forget completely how "fast" you are running. It may even be that you have to "run" at a pace that is actually slower than you walk. But this does not matter- what is important is to be actually running and walking ( two different processes ) for the required amount of time each day , finishing the task "easily" and looking forward to the next task.

    I can run at the same pace that I can walk briskly -- but, at that pace, my heart rate and breathing is elevated over and above that which I experience when walking at that same pace. It is the elevated HR's , breathing and use of running muscles (possibly for the first time in many years) that C25K looks for. As you experience these things, they improve over time -- until you can finally "run" non-stop for 30 minutes - which is the fundamental goal of C25K, not some imagined/desired pace/distance.

  • If it was hard, but you were coping, then your Effort was probably one that's going to carry you forward well. If it was agony, your Effort has gone over to something that can harm you, and actually slow you down/ bring you to a grinding halt. If it was easy, well even then your Effort was probably still enough to give you 90% of the benefits you would have gained by going hard at it.

    So, as everyone's saying: Forget speed. And I would say, "adjust your Effort" - preferably downwards if you're hurting.

  • You should be breathing faster than normal but not out of breath. Able to hold a conversation but probably not sing. Don't worry if this means you feel your run really, really slow.

  • Thanks everyone, I'll try and run it a little slower this time. I bought a nice little heart monitor and started using that as well on my last two runs here

    And my heart rate does seem a little high at points, although I'm not an expert. :)

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