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So close to graduation! 😭😭😭

Just 1 run from graduation & came down with a kidney infection last week :( hoping to get back out there next week sometime although my Dr did say I need a couple of weeks rest when I left hospital :(

Only been out of the game a week & feel weak & like I couldn't run 5 seconds :(

Will I need to start again? Or just attempt my last run? 😣

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I'm sure you can pick up relatively close to where you left off.. maybe back off a week or so just for comfort/safety. You don't LOSE cardiac conditioning as quickly as you can GAIN it.. it seems..

REALLY sorry to hear that, hope you are better soon?



Oh, no, poor you :( Don't worry about the running - of course you'll be able to pick up where you left off, kiddo. Your body doesn't forget as fast as the Gremlins would like you to believe. For the moment, concentrate on getting better - kidney infections are serious stuff, and should not be taken lightly. Only get back into your trainers when you have the all-clear from your doctor. Take care.


If your Dr says a couple of weeks rest then take a couple of weeks rest. There is no presing deadline for your last run of the programme.


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