Loved my run today

7 miles lovely country track it's amazing and relaxing without my headphones. I think I was using my phone as a comfort blanket. Now I am enjoying seeing the countryside and hearing what's going on around me. I can hear my breathing and set my pace better. Increasing my long run by 10 mins each week as only 6 weeks until half marathon πŸ˜ƒ still having niggles with my leg but I'm working through it. Training every day with squats lunges and yoga loving the changes. Lost 11lb in 3 weeks. Thanks C25K love it πŸ˜€


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  • I haven't run with earphones since the week after graduation. I love just being part of what's around me, just like you say. How's the HM training going? Mine is nine weeks next Sunday!

  • Hi Steve, I did have a set back in training with poorly leg but am doing okay, will never be the fastest lol but am up to 7 miles on my long run so I reckon will train up to 10 mles and hopefully the atmosphere will carry me through the rest on the day haha Good luck with yours too!!!

  • I did 10 miles for the first time on Sunday. I'd recommend you not leave the getting up to 10 miles until too close to the race. I posted on Sunday about my experience, and it's taught me that I need to think carefully about how my body can cope with the distance, in terms of energy etc. It was very hard work after the 90 minute mark, very hard.

  • Thanks for advice Steve πŸ˜€hoping to get to 10 miles in 3 weeks then start tapering down again for the next 3 weeks up to the race I'm so excited and scared wow can't believe it's nearly here πŸ˜€

  • Good luck!

  • Funny you should say that.. I was going to run tonight (for perhasp the first time) without music, audio books, metronome etc etc and as you say, concentrate on breathing and the tractors behind me!! Can't leave home without my Garmin just yet though.. :-)

  • Yeah I think my Garmin is glued to my wrist AndyD :0 enjoy tonight

  • I think I must breathe through my ears 'cos I don't feel that I'm breathing right with earphones in! Maybe I'm part fish...

    It's lovely when you're feeling strong and you have a great day and a great route to run isn't it. Keep it gentle and take care of those legs.

    Happy running!


  • Thanks Ugi that's exactly how I felt when the head phones came off !!! As if I'd been running underwater haha and suddenly the outside world awakened love it 😁

  • Ha Ha!

    Us ear-breathers should stick together! Maybe we should start a club or something: The Auro-pulmonists! What d'ya reckon?


  • Haha definitely 😁

  • Wow! Well done. that's some weight loss!

    Trails runs are wonderful aren't they. I love them. Even better when the weather's nice like it was today

    Six weeks til your half marathon!!!!! S'excitin int it!

  • Thanks Miss wobble πŸ˜€hard work is paying off think the lighter I am the run may be slightly easier ha ha x

  • That's great progress. Just a bit of advice though, I would try and get the distance a little closer to the 13 mile point. I did a half marathon last year and had got to 12 miles beforehand. That last 1.5 miles was a killer.

    I have friends who have done marathons regularly who all have told me to try and exceed the distance first as it makes it a lot easier. The atmosphere will carry you to a degree but you will need it to carry you for 30% or so more distance. Don't take this as a negative because you are doing brilliantly.

    Really great weight loss as well. πŸ‘β˜Ί

  • Thanks for that Jonny1 I will try and see how I get on πŸ˜€ good advice though reckon I should be up to approx 2hrs 10 mins running time by 5 weeks so hopefully close to the 12 miles soooo excited haha

  • You'll do fine. I can't describe the feeling when you have done it. Enjoy.


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