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Back on track

Last week I posted about my disappointment when I failed in my attempt to start C25K again because of a chest cold. I am pleased to say a few days later I did manage it and found a week 1 run easier than last time so yesterday I did a week 2 run. I didn't find it easy so will repeat it 2 more times before moving to week 3 which is where I left it a few weeks ago.

All the posts on this site are giving me the confidence that this will work and by building stamina each week I will become a runner. It's hard to visualise when on the brink of being 50 and being 4 stone overweight but I can see from here it's been done and I'm coming to join your ranks.

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Great - that's the spirit. You can do this! Good luck - just keep at it nice and slow and steady.

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Brilliant. I'm about to turn 50 and I have around 4st to shift. So you are not alone.

Keep posting and let us know how you are getting on.


Excellent, come on in! Well done for persevering, that's the spirit which will get you your graduation badge. Slow and steady totally wins the race, so don't push yourself too hard if your cold might be lingering as you can graduate when you're ready, there's no deadline.

P x


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