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Bounts...earn vouchers for exercise

You may find Bounts good, if you use apps to record your runs (like fitbit or mapmyrun)

Website is

Basically you earn points for exercise, and these can be spent on high street vouchers.

(I've stashed up £85 over the last year)

It would be great if you use my referral code if you register, then we both get bonus points!


Happy shopping!

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Thanks never heard of this before but I've signed up & used your code :) x


Great! I found out about them in the fitbit community, early on when they first launched, I certainly find it motivating to get vouchers! Originally it was all free, but as it got bigger they have different levels of membership, I paid, but will still 'earn' way more than in paid in vouchers! It also motivates me to cycle to work, and go out for walks at lunchtime etc...enjoy :)

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What's the benefits of the paying plans over the free one please?x


Potential to earn more points basically, so you can accumulate vouchers quicker :)


Signed up and used your code :)


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