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Tiring week finishes on a high

Went to the Races at Goodwood on Tuesday to help my cousin celebrate his 55th birthday. This meant leaving home (Sheffield) at 6:30 in the morning and, as it was my relatives, allowing my husband to drink which meant I did the whole drive back at the end of the day. We got home at about 1am. I just don't seem to recover from this sort of late night like I used to. However I managed to do the 2nd run of Week 6 on Wednesday morning - followed by a nap in the afternoon! Getting back on the diet was harder and I had a big pot of Hagen Das Belgian Chocolate ice cream for tea. Thursday involved lunch out helping a friend celebrate getting a new job, and tea consisted mostly of chocolate and crisps - oops.

However, this morning I got up and completed the 3rd run of Week 6, this being a full 25 minutes. I managed to complete the full 25 minutes and even sped up from continental drift to glacial advancement for the last 1 minute. Laura has said I can call myself a real runner now. This achievement has given me the boost to get back to planning meals properly and eating food that's good for me - although I did seem to run fine on 3 days of sugar and fat ... [stares wistfully into the distance]

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Well done! In spite of a difficult week, you are officially a runner! Now you just need to build on that foundation.

Sugar and fat is full of energy! That's good for running, but not so great if you don't want to store all the excess as fat - and the more weight you carry the harder that running will be.

Sadly, although running will help with making you stronger and fitter, you need to run a long way to equal a tub of Hagen Das! That's about 1600 calories and in comparison my 15k run last night was supposedly worth 1200 - that makes a tub of ice-cream equal to nearly a half-marathon!

Running has many benefits aside from weight control and is really worth it even if you don't watch your diet. If you can make some progressive changes there too, however, it will make much more difference than either one aspect would on its own.

Good luck with week 7 - keep it up! And good luck with the healthy eating too.

Happy running!



Thanks, Ugi. Although I'd love to have a diet of high fat and sugar, sadly I recognise the fact that that is what got me to the state I'm in today: grossly overweight and just moved from diet controlled diabetic onto metformin. But on the plus side the latter has lit a rocket under my arse and got me out and running. As I said, a few days off track but now I'm back on the rails and working towards a healthier future!


That's the way! It'll make such a difference in the long run.

Keep it up!



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