Wk1 R2

Well had a dilemma today, do I go out when I finished work this morning ( shift worker,nights ) or do I go out when I get up? Well the weather made my mind up this morning, rather than run in the cold rain, I went late this afternoon.

Now my first run (wk1 R1)was good, took it steady and no aches or pain, but today.........

Set off on my first 1 minute run, and boy, my chest felt it was on fire, same with the next few sessions,calfs started to ache too,now I'm wondering did I start of too briskly on my 5 minute warm up walk?

Well at the end of the session, everything was back to normal,chest ok, calfs ok even though I felt I had lead legs.

Now looking forward to my rest day and raring to go again on Thursday

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  • Hi Silver, I'm no expert, but were you going a bit too fast? I had this problem on some of my earlier runs and still do have to remind myself to slow down.

    Also, v impressed with anyone running when they're working nights. Good luck with run 3. :-)

  • I don't think so, I've ran before but quite a while ago, but my thoughts were as I said did I walk too fast on my 5 min warm up?

  • Well done for persevering! I'm sure many would have given up but it's great you stuck with it. Hope you have a good and well earned rest day.

  • Warm up walk is supposed to be brisk as you need to be hot before you start running. Warmed up muscles help prevent injury. You can take a longer warm up if needs be.

    I hope all goes well for you on Thursday. Don't go too fast! Slow is fine

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