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A New Post-Graduation Plan

I've just registered for my local parkrun, and I think I'll be ready for it in about 3 weeks' time!

Since graduating I've been running 30 minutes three times a week, and recently started adding a minute each time I go out. I ran 34 minutes this morning. Next time I go out, I'll try intervals of fast and slow running, 1m each, 8 times, modelled off the Week 1 podcasts. Then back to adding a minute to my longer runs twice a week and interval training once a week.

I figure I'll get up to 40 minutes by the 18th of August, and then I'll be ready for my first parkrun 5K. I'm not fast, averaging around 7:30 per KM. Maybe I'll get faster with the interval training. But since just about everyone manages the parkrun in 40 minutes or less, I should be able to at least finish it by then.

(by the way, this pace chart from runner's world is pretty handy:

Nice to have figured out a new goal and a plan to get there, so I thought I'd share. Both to hold myself accountable, and in case anyone else is wondering what to do next since graduating.

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Well done Amy, you will find Parkruns very friendly and encouraging, I started a few months ago and look forward to my Parkrun on the Saturday and I'm sure you will too. Happy running!


If you see any of my other posts or replies, you'll notice that this is a bit of a hobby horse of mine, but I think it's worth saying as often as necessary: The truth is you were ready for a Parkrun in your first week of c25k just as long as you were able to walk the course. People do Parkruns at all sorts of speeds. Lots of people walk. Some mix running and walking. It's part of their own "DIY c25k", maybe.

So now you're registered, you'll get a time if you go and run this Saturday. If the time is slow, that's a bonus, because for quite a long time you'll be chalking up personal bests to beat that. You'll have a nice record of your further progress on the Parkrun website.

Why not just go and do the Parkrun this weekend? (And then do the fast one later on, as planned). Nobody is going to worry about you doing it at your own pace, in your own way. Parkruns are not that kind of run.


Well done Amy. So glad you're still running. It's fun int it! Parkrun is lovely I think. I hope you will enjoy it and that it becomes part of your regular routine


Thanks! I've heard parkrun is a friendly, low-key thing. I'm sure it would be fine to walk some of it, but I've got it in my head that I want to run the whole thing. I've never run with other people before... I can't go this Saturday but I'll think about moving up the first parkrun in my plan.


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