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Encouragement needed!


Hi all. I've just started week 8 and think I'm doing well...ie I can jog 25 mins without stopping. However, I'm a slow coach and although at the start, that wasn't an issue, I'm wondering whether covering 5k in 30 mins is achievable for me. Anyone in the same boat?

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Don’t worry about the distance or how fast you run just aim for the 30 mins you can work on the rest later, well done for getting this far have fun 😀

Agree just enjoy


Yes just concentrate on distance rather than speed for know. As you build your leg muscles you will get quicker. Well done

Week 8, that's fantastic!! The name of the programme is a bit of a misnomer, it's really "couch to 30 minutes running" but that doesn't sound very nice. I had the same thought as you at one point... is this realistic? Can I go 5k? Probably not, but running for 30 minutes straight is a pretty incredible amount of progress to make in just 9 weeks!

I have a 5k event booked for what will be week 12 for me. I am confident I'll be able to run 5k, but not in 30 minutes! That might be a goal for future training but I think it will be a real challenge for me at 5'4" and carrying about 30 pounds I could stand to lose.


Just carry on, steady and slow.. enjoy the running and get to those 30 minute runs.. the rest follows:)


I graduated a few weeks ago but I only achieved a nonstop 5K last Sunday. It took me 42 minutes but who cares? I don't think I'll ever get to 30 mins but if I can do it 3 times a week I'll be happy.


About 90% of graduates polled on this forum are in the same boat, so just be proud of what you have achieved. The graduation requirement is three thirty minute runs.

My graduation run (and my first Parkrun) my aim was to run 5k in under 50 minutes and I ran it in 49:44. I was 213th out of 216 and I felt like the queen of the world! I totally rocked that Parkrun!

You are doing *so* well! This is not about speed it's about stamina - speed will come, bit by bit. Relax and enjoy your running and feel proud of what you are achieving.



You’re on week 8... you’re doing just fine there obviously... get 9 out of the way and you’ve changed your life. Then if you want to go faster there are training programmes that will get you there.


yeh am doing mine c25k on tredmill and i dont think i will do 5k in 30mins but they reckon at 5mph it could be done in 36mins ish but its not about speed i know what you are saying i would like to run 5k in 30mins but not yet i think you get faster as you go on am thinking like you if it takes abot 45 mins to do 5k will we beable to run for that long

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Hi Paul. Thanks for your encouraging response....I've taken up running to get some aerobic activity into my life so realised if I'm getting my heart rate up a few sessions a week, then that us a big step for me...guessing you are about my age☺.

paul1960Graduate in reply to Newplodder

am 58 13st11lb lost 4stone in 12 months and a heart bypass so doing c25k was scarey as i have never run in my life and i have just done w6r3 it all seems to be very easy for me for some strange reason but realy trust the program it works honest


Hi, I ran my first 30 mins last night...I have an evil running partner that keeps time!! however I ran 2.4 miles, so another few minutes and I might get there. according to my evil running partner (daughter...💜) I will speed up once I get the miles in my legs! she is the font of all runningi knowledge so I believe her. I am 55 and took up running 8 weeks ago, believe me when I say if I think I can do it you Definately will. Good luck and well done, you will smash it.

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Hi Jinty.....well done on your progress. I'm now accepting that doing a few aerobic sessions a week is great progress for me. I'm 56...57 in a couple of weeks ☺. I walk and do pilates but fancied running as I don't do much getting out of breath stuff! Also, after having a lovely flat stomach all my life, I'd developed a spare tyre this year!! That has definitely reduced over the last 8 weeks so I can't complain😊

Jinty55Graduate in reply to Newplodder

Lol! yes, know exactly where your coming from, same story here, mine seemed to appear overnight! running has been on my to do list for years and finally doing it. I've booked my first 5k in November so got a goal.

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