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Couch to 5K
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So, I graduated in February-ish and everything was going well. I was running 5k in just under 28 minutes and my recovery time was pretty quick too. I had even started extending distance.

Last month I had a urine infection (sorry about the too much info!) I reduced the time I was running because of toilet breaks etc. I got over the infection and got back to running for 30 min quickly enough. Recently (the last couple of weeks) I have really been struggling. I can run for 5k on a good day, but I have some days where my body just won't Co operate - today for instance. I could only go for 10 mins before my body just wouldn't Co operate. I get very heavy breathing, leading to stitches and my limbs go 'wobbly'.

I was wondering if it was perhaps hayfever or even the heat (but there isn't much of that today!

Any advice or suggestions would be very welcome

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i'm not a doctor but I'd probably say you are still a bit run down maybe take a couple of days off and then try a week running at either 10 or 15 minutes for a couple of weeks and build it back up. Thats what i would do, someone else might be able to shed some light on the situation though :)


Hmmm. No doctors here I don't think so we can only go on what bit you tell us.

Don't sweat too much over this. Could be a mental thing and once you relax and stop pushing so hard maybe it will just happen one day when you least expect it.

Run for fun! It's a great thing to do. 5 k is tough! Because it's so short you don't get enough time to warm up and get into your stride before it's time for cool down.

We assume your diet and hydration is good????? If not, then set about it with gusto. Clear the decks and sort it out so you chuck out the foods/drinks that could interfere with your health and fitness

We hope your shoes are right

What about your non-running days? What exercise are you doing other than running? If none, then change that and do some cycling/walking/swimming, core exercises to strengthen your whole body and give you more puff and stamina

What about pre-run food/drink. Maybe you could look at that with a critical eye. You can get away with only a bit of food, or maybe even no food, for a short 3 or 5 k but longer runs need more fuelling up before setting off

Have you tried drinking Robinsons barley water? Sounds like an advert doesn't it!!!! No, really, I'm not selling anything! LOL Our local midwife swore by the stuff to help with urine infections in her pregnant mums, and she knew a thing or two. You could try it post medication, just for a while til you're clear. You could avoid alcohol a bit to make sure your pee is clear. It should be pale

Good luck!!!!!


Your post just reminded me - on one of my recent runs there was a discarded bottle at the side of the road. The label was for coke but the contents were inexplicably dark golden yellow ..................... :(


Maybe try a few slower runs - change the route so you have some nice views or something so you are not thinking about distance / pace.

Again, I'm not a doctor but due you feel 'tired' when you aren't running? When my iron levels were low I had exactly the same symptoms (albeit not when running) with the breathlessness, wobbly limbs and general lethargy. It might be worth getting this checked. Spatone sorted me out.

Good luck

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What they said... (can't add much more).

I've had some rubbish runs recently and I think it was largely a mental thing. Decided to run for fun and changed to a more interesting route. Had great run yesterday.


I have to say that it sounds to me like you should see your doctor.

Heavy breathing and "wobbly" - could be an issue with oxygen transport (like anemia as mentioned) or with blood sugar or with blood pressure maybe.

I'd get it checked out before running too much more, just in case you end up collapsing and doing yourself a real mischief. If you have low blood-pressure, for example, you could have a danger of that.

Hope you can get it resolved soon & you soon feel back up to full running strength.



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