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Around the block

I started running a few weeks ago and the only way I can enjoy it is to go very very very small distances, like just around the block. My overall goal is to be running far and fast, but I really don't see the point in making myself not enjoy it. I don't buy specific types of shoes or clothes, usually I just go in whatever I'm wearing - but it feels great! My idea is that running should be more addictive than chocolate and I really am starting to crave it because I'm taking it so easy.

Anyway I just wanted to share that in case there's anyone out there similar to this. MAKE RUNNING LIKE CHOCOLATE. That's my goal :D

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Have you not started C25k then? Running gently round the block is fine though. You'll find you will get further and faster as you progress through your runs. You can increase by 10% a week quite safely.

C25k programme is fantastic though, which is why we're all here


no but i'm interested, generally i prefer my method. because what's at the end of 5k? hopefully not the sofa and tv. i'm running for life. 5k will be involved at some point too, i hope.

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What's after 5K? -- well there is 8K, then there is 10K, then there is 10 miles, then a Half Marathon , then a full Marathon -- that should keep you busy for at least the next few years!! :)


I would also recommend giving c25k a go....It gets you to the stage where you do crave running like chocolate! And then there is more and more to discover - think if different distances or types if runs like different kind of chocolates - so much to choose from!


Love it!!! Running and chocolate!!!! I did a chocolate run a few months ago! That was good! Just wait! Before you know it you will find yourself in a sports shop looking at running gear and will be running miles from home trying out different routes!!!! Enjoy your journey!!!! X

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As Bazza says you don't have to stop at 5k.

Couch to 5k provides a structured plan which is gently progressive and designed to keep your risk of injury to a minimum. It has worked for thousands of runners who have gone on to run much greater distances than 5k.

I tried running without any programme. I had no idea if I was doing well, how much I should challenge myself, when to run, when to walk and for how long. The C25k podcasts solved all those problems in one go, and also provided tips on technique and general motivation. I never looked back and at 59 I can now run 10 miles at the drop of a hat. NHS C25k gets my vote every time as a sensible way to start running and it means you will be in tune with the members of this forum, who almost exclusively, have done or are doing C25k.

Whatever you choose, good luck but don't overdo it.


It's a brilliant programme and we have mostly all graduated and are running beyond our wildest dreams

C25k, followed by C25k+, both structured walk/runs plans with voice-over and music. Steppings Stones podcasts, again with voice-over by Laura, who also does the Strength and Flex podcasts to use alongside the running podcast/apps. Then there's the free kick-ass Sami Murphy podcasts Bridge to 10k. That's my favourite and it really takes you places

Progression at 10% a week and the world's your oyster. If you have developed the strength and fitness you'll be doing a Half Marathon within a year, if that's what you want to do. I did it and I was on the couch and a big fat bum. I've lost over four stones and done a half marathon. So you don't have to do 5k and then sit back down. I can't think why you'd think that

With the programme you have others on the same week as yourself so you always have someone else to compare notes with. It's great!


There are lots of ways into running and lots of different places to get support whilst doing that but presumably you've arrived at the NHS Couch to 5K forum for a reason...

I think if you do the programme (compared with which you are doing it the hard way) and read the forum, you'll realise that running, keeping running (whether that's faster, longer or just keeping it regular) is not a simple matter of loving it or not loving it and more learning to be OK with however you are feeling about it at any given point but still getting out there. Many of us on longer runs will cycle through all kinds of emotions!

I started C25K in light walking boots and ordinary clothes and I haven't got a *whole* lot fancier, so I can relate to what you say but you may find that if you intend to make running a regular and safe part of your life that you have to let go of a bit of that otherwise commendable gung-ho attitude.


C25k rocks - that is all 😄


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