Couch to 5K

Second 5k

Did my second post graduation run this morning, and my second 5k. I didn't run the whole 5k but I did run for longer and further than before so I'm really pleased.

I ran for 43m23s PB

Covered 3.56k PB

My first 1k was 10m41s as well which I'm really pleased with😀

I am loving running so much and I'm already looking forward to my next run 😀

Hope everyone is having great runs😀

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Fabulous! Just a little extra each week is the way to go, gradually building strength and stamina. Sounds like you're well on the way to cracking that 5k!


Super! Well done!I did my second parkrun today (first was graduation day last Saturday). Good fun. Lovely day and a minute less than last week! Whoop


Well done, good work! Adding a few minutes to one run a week is a really good way to build up your stamina.


That's fabulous.


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