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week 9 run2

What a lovely morning, sun out but not too hot, a lovely cool breeze. And a little toe on my blister lol at least it looked like it was that way round, the blister was bigger than my little toe. :-( wrapped toe with plasters (I'm a hardcore runner now lol) on with my socks and running shoes and out the door! No excuses now, I love running too much to give in to a realllly big, nasty evil blister!!!!

Strange thing is, it hurt like h*ll when I walked but wasn't so bad when I jogged.

Anyway had a lovely run, managed 32 minutes so week 9 run 2 - complete. I'm so excited, only 1 run to go until graduation! Yay!

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Ouch! Don't be tempted to do anything with it bar put a bit of Vaseline on it and/or plaster. They are a nuisance. I hope you have loosened off your laces or whatever caused it. Do you wear socks? I always end up with a blister if I don't wear socks, so lesson learned. Are your shoes wide enough in the toe box? If not get some fresh ones

Good luck for your big run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You could soak your foot in the bath or bowl with some Epsom Salts chucked in

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Nearly there. You'll soon have your graduation badge.

You can get blister plasters from Tesco. Worked great for me.

Also running socks. Like 1000 mile. They are great.

All the best for run 3


well done :) you can almost touch the graduation badge now, running with a blister that is determination :D


Thanks everyone, feeling great and looking forward to run 3.

I got the blister from walking in old trainers the other night, I just hadn't realised it was quite as bad as it was until I came to get ready to run this morning. oh well it will go when its ready lol until then I'll have to keep wrapping it up in plasters when I run :-)


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