Couch to 5K

Week 9 run 1!

Finally Week 9 Run 1 this morning! :-)

Cannot believe myself....I could barely run for 60 seconds when I started this programme!!

A tad bit sad though, that my son wasn't there to join me in this last C25K 3rd last run ...we started doing this together..but he stopped after week 7 :-(

We have our first 5K run on Sunday -12th July - the Race for Life one in Heaton Park, Manchester...very anxious now!!!

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Congrats.. you will do fine... all the prep you did should take you over the line..


Well done for getting so far! Hopefully this will be me in 8 weeks!


Well done !

Good Luck on Sunday ! I am sure you will have a brilliant day , the R4L events are amazing with a brilliant atmosphere

Enjoy it ! :-) xxx


Thank you ever so much for your responses :-)


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