Couch to 5K

Green with envy

So, my other half KJ_Matthews had the opportunity to go for a run without me yesterday (we have only ever done runs together so far), and took the opportunity to run at what should be his 'normal' pace rather than stick to my slow coach 33 1/2 min 5k which I am still pleased with as a newbie.

I expected he would go a bit faster, but 28:29!!!! AND he has to stop to tie his shoe, AND he had to walk over a couple of cattle grids.

Jealous doesn't even begin to describe it - I am being supportive through gritted teeth.

Damn you tall gentlemen with your gazelle like strides putting my wheezing shuffle to shame.

I will get there one day...maybe!

Sigh. Is it time to go for a run yet?

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ha ha i feel your pain.

I started running the parkrun local to us which opened in November. By April his curiosity get the better of him. he ran with me twice with no barcode. Then he got a barcode. Then he started really running it. I can get around in 30.50 after running for over 12 months. He is now under 24 minutes.

This week he decided to extend his mileage and ran 7.5 miles at his parkrun pace. He makes me sick. I think he is just a natural runner and I am not.


Ha, Ha, know the feeling, my very fit 60 yr husband came and did a park run with me, I did C25K my hubby just joined me on about week 5.

He is naturally fit used to ref about 10 years ago, but had not done any other exercise. I was pleased with a time of 38:22 for my first park run, my 60 year old hubbie, did it in 22:50. He complained he went off too fast and had to slow down. He is so competitive, I am just glad to keep going, my goal was to run all the way without stopping.


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