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No 10k for me:-(

So.... I was supposed to be running the Leeds 10k this weekend, but looks like I'm on the IC instead :(

My hip stopped me from completing my 5k training run yesterday and still hurts to walk on today. Booooooo.

As this is the second time in three months, and it's worse this time and after a shorter distance (3k rather than 9k), I think I'd better book myself in to see a physio. I'm pretty sure it's ITB related - any ideas how long I'm likely to be out of commission?

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I can't answer on times or anything but I can commiserate and Bunch up on the IC and make room for you. I can totally understand how you feel. It's best get good advice and listen to it. My doc refered me to my physio, it took a couple of weeks to come through. It can help if you can find one that is more sports related as they understand the need to want to run. My physio took a deep breath looked me in the eye and said I know your going to hate this but...... I know he will get me back on my feet as he understand my passion being a HM runner himself. Happy healing.


Oh Tigger ! I am so sorry to hear this

What a blow for you xxx

I am doing the Leeds 10K and really looking forward to it , so I can only imagine how disappointed you must feel having to pull out at this stage.

I have had hip problems. I first started with pain in my right hip, went to the docs, had an X Ray to rule out any stress fractures and then paid to see a physio. I was diagnosed with hip bursitis and had a massage and told to rest for 2 weeks and given exercises to do. I went back 2 weeks later, had another massage and told I could run but only very slowly and only short distances.

Not long after , I started with pain in my left hip and bum cheek. It was a cycle of run, pain, rest, run , pain. It went on for maybe 3- 4 months , I think.

I did have days when I thought I would never be able to run again, but now I am completely pain free . I think , with me , it was just over straining and over use.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, you will get over this . Just a case of resting and giving your hip time to recover. Plus , exercises specifically for strengthening the core and hips have been invaluable for me .

I will raise a toast to you with my water bottle at the first water station ( I think its at the 4k mark ) !

Big hugs for you Tigger ((((( )))) xxx


I am so sorry, how frustrating!! I have no ideas with times etc I would go and see a specialist who can get you back up and running in no time. I hope you have a speedy recovery!!


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