Hi - does anyone else have quite severe bunions and overlapping toes? My bunions do not cause me any pain but the right foot is quite severe in that my big toe slants a bit on its side and the toe next to it overlaps the middle one! I just wondered if others have wonky toes and still manage to run? I am due to have the right one operated on this summer but going to put it off until the winter and hopefully get both done together as the recovery period is the same for one as for both so only want to go through it once! By the way, I started back with C25k recently (on W5R2 tomorrow) as I had gone back to the couch for 9 months!!


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  • yes I do, the toe adjacent to my big toe protrudes longer than my big toe, because my big toe bends at an acute angle to the left. I end up getting this bruised heavily because its longer. Funny enough I have just ordered some strapping tape and Im going to tape it straight and tape the other toe to it.

  • My toes are the same on both feet. I don't often get pain in my big toe joint. I do get hard skin on my right foot - that toe is more at an angle than my left. I find it hard to buy shoes as my second toe is longer than my big toe. Let me know if tape helps! Aren't feet strange.

    Happy running. Good luck with the op

  • Always good to know that I am not the only runner out there with wonky feet! As I currently get no pain in my feet, although the right one definitely feels niggly at times, I'm inclined to put off any bunion operation unless I start to have real problems with them - Some people have more pain after bunion ops than they had before surgery. At the moment I am just enjoying being out there again pounding the streets and really hope I can get back to my previous level of fitness. Might look into the strapping option but doubt even that would straighten my big toe!

  • No the tape didn't help, I couldn't get it to pull my big toe over to the right very much.

  • Thanks, I'll just stick to my wonky toes. I'm not going in for an op, a work colleague did before Christmas and still can't wear proper shoes

  • I have a bunion on my left foot and, although it groans a bit from time to time, it doesn't give me any probs when I run or walk provided I wear trainers and shoes that fit properly.

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