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Week 5 Run 3 - distraction techniques

I've definitely got a runners high after this mornings run and am now sat in the office with a big grin on my face.

After being nervous over the dreaded 20mins non stop run all yesterday, I rolled put of bed and went for it. I've decided I'm definitely an early morning runner, the roads are quiet and I get to see all sorts of wildlife - which makes it feel more rewarding.

For those looking for ways of distracting themselves to make the 20mins go quicker the following things helped me...

- counting windows (odd but it killed 3 minutes)

- admiring peoples gardens and mentally redesigning my own

- mentally writing a car treasure hunt (looking at house names, unusual statues in gardens etc)

- looking for wildlife in hedges

- saving some of your favourite sing a long songs for a special playlist for the 20min

- waving at people that were about and imagining why they're out

- saying hello and waving to anyone I saw

I'm interested to know what other distraction techniques people have been using .. Please let me know

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Well done! That sounds like a lovely run that does

I write my shopping list in my head. I've totally forgotten it by the time I've finished but who cares. I do the nebbing in other folks' gardens. I like to run around the posh area and see how the other half live, going up their roads marked "private" and "residents only" Ha ha. I say to myself that if I'm challenged I'll say "I'm looking for my dog" Not that I have one with me, I just made him up.. Also if I have no music I just sing the songs I know best, bawling them out and dancing a bit if I think no-one can see me. The time just flies by.

Happy running peeps!

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Great list - I am just having my front garden re-laid and have definitely studied every front garden design in the surrounding area. Did a practical exam a few weeks ago

and the running was good for just going over the order. Also make plans for the week/day, rets of my life etc.

At park run I adapt "ten in the bed" to "ten marshals left and the little one said keep going" which seems to help get me round.

I may try counting the windows.


I run along the canal going over and under a lot of bridges. So I look ahead to the next bridges a lot. As I head to a bend I tell myself at the bend I will see the next bridge, then I aim to reach it, then aim to see the next bridge etc. I also rotate between counting, concentrating on breathing, thinking about how my body's moving, like are my elbows bent, my knees lifted, my neck straight etc. Also, as I run without headphones, I'm sort of more 'in the world', hearing boat generators, waterbirds, bicycles going past, other peoples conversations... Lots going on!


I'm also a canal runner and really agree with your bridge thought-pattern. I love being able to see the next bridge from the previous one, and spend a lot of time contemplating wildlife along the water and in the trees/hedges. Saw a heron today. And a kingfisher two weeks ago!!


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