Swimmer's knee!

Well this is a first to me, I thought I would do a bit of cross training so went up to join my local gym, whilst there I went for a swim and did 30 lengths breaststroke. This morning I've woke with very sore knees, far worse than from any running I've done, so of course I googled it and found swimmers knee. Looks like I'll have to abandon this idea and just stick to running. Never thought swimming would hurt me, damn. Think I'll ditch the gym idea now as well.


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8 Replies

  • Or see if you can get some swim coaching at the gym in case its a technique thing ? Or work up to the distance more gradually ?

  • I think it's breast stroke! You can switch to a front crawl and experience none of the above. A slow crawl or back stroke is just as effective but less strain on the knees. Sorry to hear it hurt your knees though. What a flippin nuisance

  • Thank you misswobble, it is a nuisance, I was all set to go regular to help me with my fitness for running and do some gym work. Ive just been and asked not to process the DD right now. Most annoying.

  • Breaststroke is the worst for knees and also for the back.

    The leg movement is quite unnatural and unless you have strong abductors (i think that is the name of inner thigh muscles) it puts a lot of pressure on the knee joint. I wouldn't give up swimming, just do front crawl.

    Hope you'll be better soon!

  • I never knew this, I was thinking swimming would be a good backup to running, I'm very disappointed.

  • As the others have said, it's the breaststroke that's caused the damage. Try another stroke or you could try jogging through the water. This is very hard to do but is a seriously good work out and doesn't put pressure on the joints. In fact it's good for building strength in the knees.

  • Ouch!! My physio told me to avoid breaststroke when I was having knee problems but didn't realise it could actually cause them! Little bit of gentle front crawl maybe?

  • Thank you all for your comments, I'll stop the swimming for a now. Guess I'm just getting old lol.

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