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Podcast issue!

I have been following c25k and noticed with the last couple of runs that the timing is way out! Not sure if it is the podcast or my iPod at fault! So, when Laura is telling me I have completed a 5 min run, it isn't actually 5 mins so I finish the W4 run/walk sequence in 18 mins when it should take about 21! Anyone else had this problem? The music does seem very fast at times!

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If you are using an I-phone, make sure that the speed of play (bottom left of the screen) is not set to go faster. I had an issue. I kept thinking that it sounded a bit too fast. And that's what the problem was.


It's just an iPod not sure what model but will check to see if there is a speed button - when Laura talks it seems to be the correct speed.


I think I've found the problem - the speed was set at 2x so I have changed it back to 1x - will find out later if this works but know also that my 3 x 5 min runs today will feel much longer!


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