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W5R1 back from 2 weeks in spain

So I have made it this far😀 with no iPod, no phone, no music, no Laura. Getting through week 4&5 in Spain made life easier and the only affirmation I had was, 'I can do this!' 'I can do this!' ' I can do this' translates into I WILL DO THIS 😬

All I have is a little bit of paper and mt timer and as I achieve each walk, run, walk I take great satisfaction from turning over that little piece of paper until the end when I place it in my bum bag 😌

Loving this journey and all the people on here for so much encouragement and support ☺️ Thank you

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Minimalism - I like it. Sounds like you're all set to graduate in style.


Well done !!!! You'll soon have cracked it! Take care. Be nice and slow with your sessions as the plan is to finish. No need for speed.Enjoy yourself! Lucky you! Spain!


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