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Week 7 run2 - this ones for RFC!!!!!

Did week 7 run 2 this morning, just finished the warm up walk when it started to rain!

Oh well I thought, I gonna have to run in the rain at some point I'm sure, so today's as good a day any lol

Anyway I had an awesome run, my breathing settled almost straight away, i didn't think I was going particularly fast but was in a nice steady rhythm which felt great. I even sprinted the last 60 seconds which felt awesome. I think I might even have been able to go on longer today ( but wanted to stick to the program properly through to the end) so that felt great too :-).

Anyway I got home and to my surprise and huge pleasure I'd got another personal best :-) only 11:32 for km one this time 😀 sooooooo pleased!!!!!

Hope everyone else running is having just as good a run 😀

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Woohoo, what a great run. I quite like a run in the rain, it brings out the big kid in me. Thank you for the run.


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