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Why ?

Am I actually looking forward to getting up at 5 am on a Saturday just so I can do my final week 1 run?!

Somebody tell me I'm mad!

Also can I just do a rest day and go straight to week 2 or do I have to wait til Tuesday in order to run on the same days of the week the nhs website suggests?

Will I end up with legs like Xena Warrior Princess by any chance? She's got fabulous thighs.

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1. You're not mad - running is great fun.

2. One rest day is fine.

3. Not 'til Week 3. :)


I have found myself itching to go every day but I know it won't be 1 minute runs forever.

Week 3 eh? Best start tanning them in preparation for the thigh worship ;)


Always take rest days. They are vital

The Dove self tan moisture lotion is fabbo and I saw it cheap as chips in Lidl the other day. You have to exoliate any rough bits first and take care applying it and mind your white towels but it looks good. it has tiny shiny bits in it. Very naaaaaice I must say. I don't show my thighs though so it saves on jollop if I only do half me leg


I've been getting my 10000 steps in on days off and doing a bit of resistance bandy stuff to a video I found while trawling the Web. I will have to pop into lidl and collect myself some warrior princess goldification after I've scouted a flipping bra. Those things are of limited supply of certain sizes online!


I Like that. We get a natural tan here but your comments about tiny shiny bits in it makes me want it.


You are not mad, well, not really really. 😀. You picked the best time of the day. Doesn't matter how keen you are, I think it is best to run three times a week.


I was out at 20 past 5, park was empty and I kept hearing a rustling sound and getting spooked and picking up the pace a bit, only when I got to halfway through did I realise it was my hair rubbing on my jumper hahah


You're not mad you are showing the first signs of addiction, which is a normal side effect of C25K and as long as you recognize the symptoms early you can get help here :)

Always always a rest day.....the runs get harder and you need time to let those muscles recover. Other than that.....enjoy :)

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Definitely taking the rest day after today's 'spook yourself til you have a heart attack' shenanigans lol


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