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First Timer!

I'm just looking for some advice on walking/running speeds. I am doing C25K on a treadmill at home, and I've completed 2 Week 1 sessions. My treadmill is in Km/h, so I have been walking at 5km/h and then running/jogging at 7.2km/h and I find this manageable.

Should I be pushing myself more, or do these speeds sound ok? Any advice would be greatly received!

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Walking and running speeds are irrelevant while doing C25k. The primary object is to complete each days task - preferably reasonably easily and without causing any injury to yourself.

Congratulations on both starting the programme and completing the first sessions - it seems that your treadmill settings are suitable for you so far. It is possible however that as you progress and the days requirements get more demanding , perhaps the settings may become a bit too demanding or possibly you may think that you could do more. It really is up to you and depends a lot on things like age , current level of fitness, etc .

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7km/h is a gentle enough pace to start with so if you're feeling comfortable then stick with it for a bit. As Bazza said, speed is irrelevant, especially early on. As the weeks go by you might develop the urge to speed up a bit. That's fine, but keep it comfortable and don't forget the all important rest days. Good luck!


Well if it works don't change it . Its a long programme and you'll find what works best for you ( as opposed to anyone else!!)

Good luck 🍀


If it is working now - great. Slow and steady at the start, then as you progress you can turn that dial, maybe in the 3 last weeks. Well done you.


I prefer running outside for many reasons and one of these is that I don't know my speed. It doesn't matter. The slower the better when you are building up stamina. I did two Couch25K runs on the treadmill and one was a W9 run. I started at 9 km an hour and by the end - to make sure I finished - was down to just over 7 kph. So it's one benchmark for you.



I graduated from C25K in March and usually run outdoors. For the past couple of weeks however and from now on until September or October time I am running in the gym on a treadmill as its too hot outside!

I have been walking at 4.5km/hr and running at 7.2, with bursts of 8km/hr every five minutes or so.

I really just pace myself depending on how I'm feeling that day, my breathing is always the best indicator for me - but I find I can't run comfortably at less then 7km/hr.

Hope this helps and good luck with the rest of the programme.


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