rfl Sunday

I signed up for rfl this Sunday a few months ago to run with my daughter - she's at uni and had just joined a gym. I have been training and got a pb of 31:04 for 5k. My problem is that she hasn't had time to train and is thinking of walking. I was so looking forward to running my first race. I will have to walk with her. I suppose I will finish a normal colour and not 'glowing'!

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  • Run! She'll understand.

  • RFL is so much fun she'll find plenty of people going at her pace and I'm sure she'll be very proud when she sees you running off into the distance!

  • I too think you should 'go for it' (classic Laura phrase). Bet she'll love watching you ace it!

  • Middlesbrough? I'll be there :)

  • Yes it is, it's meant to be wet all day !

  • Yup - light rain according to the met office app. However I will settle for light rain and 14 degrees over sunny and 20 anyday!

  • I agree with you. We haven't really had the heat up here yet. Good luck on Sunday ๐Ÿ˜Š

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