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Motivation after C25K and RFL

I'm not sure if this will help anyone, but since running my RFL and completing C25K it's not as easy to keep up motivation, I am the kind of person who needs an aim, so Kathryn Booth and I ( want2run2 ) have become virtual running buddies. We update each other, run on the same days and daren't let each other down. It is lovely having Kath there to egg me on on bad days. Anyone at the same stage as us might like to try it,

We dont know each other as in meeting each other, but have found a common aim or interest, not sure what, just know Kath is important to me

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My motivation suffered after a 3-week holiday and only working out when we weren't on the road, and even then only half-heartedly. After the hol, I tried to get back on a schedule, but to be honest, I was back in the "lazy" mode. That's when I went back to the basics ...C25k...I needed the structure back. So here I am 6 weeks into the C25k podcasts and it has been better than before. I'm so glad I found this group. And the C25k-ers on all are my running buddies. :) :)


Wow, what a fantastic idea....excellent way of keeping yourselves going. Let us know how you get on.


I signed up for a 10k race, due to take place on 3rd August in York and trying to raose funds for Stroke Association in memory of my wonderful Dad who died, whilst I was on a Christmas holiday. The pain of my not being there with him is pretty bad so I am turning all this into something positive. This is my motivation.

I am aiming to do a HM next and eventually a FM in my 50th year (i am 47.5) at which point I should be fit enough and have saved enough to go to Tibet.

It keeps me going.

Plus, I also have noticed I have to exercise to keep my weight down whilst still being able to eat. :D


How wonderful, Kickibro; what a brilliant thing you're doing. :-) You'll do great; keep an eye out for me dressed in yellow kit, as I'm doing York too.

Grannyjudes: that is a brilliant idea indeed. That's how I see this forum, it's a Virtual Running Club, (VRC) isn't it? We all motivate and support each other, it's great. :-)


Your virtual running buddies idea is a great one :) I hope it gives you lots of motivation! I worry a bit about graduating but have signed up for a 5k the end of September. Maybe I'll do one sooner.


I will do! Though can I have a little more of a description please? I might be wandering around asking all and sundry, "Hi! Miles Ypnder?"


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