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Made it back to week 3

After a fall and then a case of tendonitis in Week 3 originally leaving me unable to walk, then 4 weeks of rest and anti inflammatory drugs... I had to go back to week one.

Well I did my W3R1 this morning with no ill effects.

I almost gave up, it was so disheartening having to go back to the start, I used a cross trainer for a while and thought about just giving up on the running altogether, several people were putting pressure on me to give up so I didn't hurt my knee again. But then a friend of mine Ali posted how she's done her first 5k run and it spurred me on to start again.

Far too proud of and and up to graduation.

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well done LB :) being off with an injury is a real downer ,I should know !!

Have to take care of our bodies , take longer rest periods if need be etc

Also maybe look at running on grass if possible at a local park if you have one ,less stress on the old joints :)


Congratulations for shaking off the gremlins, swallowing your pride and getting back in the stirrups (or rather, in the trainers). I agree with Rob: listen to your body and don't be tempted to push it any harder than it's prepared to take. Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey :D

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