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Break in running due to flu, how to continue?

Hi everyone, I was doing really well on week 6 last week and then came down with flu on the day of run 3 so I couldn't do it. This week I have been in bed every day and haven't been able to do any running :-(

I'm still not 100% but eager to get back into it ASAP, my question is should I just do week6 run3 straightaway or is it worth repeating the whole week?

I never thought I would miss running but I do, and was so excited for my next run as had got some new running stuff to wear. Hoping to get into it soon.

Thank you

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Don't set yourself any goals - just go out and run as well as you can. Flu is not to be taken lightly, it is serious and really does knock you out, so it may take a while to get back on track. That's okay. Just take it nice and slow and build your strength up gradually until you feel able to complete the week 6 runs.

All the best.


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