Couch to 5K


Well managed a very slow and steady 20 min jog. I chose a nice quiet country lane which allowed me a lovely wander through some woods on the way,y but not quiet!

I had to stop very briefly twice to avoid being run over by a tractor and Chelsea tractor respectively...the nettles are very stingy at the moment but in the hedge was a better option than under the tyres.

I did run an extra 10 sec at the end to sort of make up for my 2 emergency stops.

I may try that run again though as there were no dogs :0)

So, I think I have done week 5, but intend to go onto week 6 anyway :0)

I have to say i was really puffed out but in my defence I am doing the 30 day shred in the mornings along with this. I assume once I shifted the extra stone I am carrying this running thing will be a bit easier...please say it will

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Well done. That run is a really big milestone and yes, losing any significant amount of weight will make a difference.


I would do the shred after the run or the following day, eg on your non-running days. I found that I was too tired to run afer Shredding

Good luck with it. Keep going!!!!!!!


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