Couch to 5K

Knees and moping

So, my first 5k race is on Sunday and my knees have decided to go from complaining to shouting angrily :(

I was out on a nice easy run last Sunday and on a downhill bit I got a sudden sharp pain behind my kneecap that didn't go away... well, I know what that means so I stopped and walked back, gingerly.

Ice, ice and more ice, ibuprofen gel, support bandages and rest and I'm hoping I'll be ok to get round the 5k on Sunday. I've had a few people look at me and *kindly* commiserate, "well, it's what you should expect when you're so overweight." Which I can't really disagree with but it has had me moping around a bit.

Enough of moping though, I've been heeding the daily squat reminders from Rignold and filling in any spare minutes with a variety of core-strengthening exercises and steadfastly ignoring the biscuit tin. I am nothing if not stubborn and I will not give up. My knee is now strapped up with beautiful blue tape and I'm ready to go ;)

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Gotta look after those Knee's, keep doing the exercises :D I speak from experience , good luck hope it heels quickly


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