Here's the dropbox link to my "Sprint finish" at the race yesterday, it cracks me up each time I watch it! I thought I was a smooth fast runner, not some kind of knock-knee-ed duck waddling along! For those of you who think you're too slow, have a look at this!

I wonder if I always pull faces like that when I'm running, I fear I do!


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  • Hey at least you're smiling at the finish - looking very cool!

  • It looked ok to me Curly. It was the end of the race which makes all the difference. Well done by the way ☺

  • Aw fab ! You look fine to me Curly ! And youre smiling too ha ha :-)

    I am going to ask my hubby to video me when Im not looking next week at the R4L , so I can see how I run . He once watched me when I wasn't looking and said " You've got a really strange gait, youre really stiff and only your legs move " Pah - Charming !

    Well done on your first race Curly, nice to have that one tucked under your belt and youre not even purple ha ha :-) xxx

  • You looked great, well done!

    My other half filmed my finish at the only 10k I've ever done last month I remain mortified, waddling duck!!


  • Where is it then? The video I mean? If I can share, you can!

  • oh god Curly! sorry couldn't possibly , far to hideous x

  • You look great. Happy and content just as you should be at the end of an event. Well done.

  • Great to see you enjoying the finish!

  • Looking great, and I can only echo what others have said - wonderful to see that you're smiling and looking happy about it even before you cross the line. Nice one!

  • I think you've got a great style going on! Nice and smooth, arms working well :)

    If you think you're knock kneed then I hope you never see my running style ... coupled with odd lopsided 'kayak' arms (imagine a T-Rex paddling a kayak, that's me, but running!).

  • The first film I saw of myself I said - that's the six million dollar man impersonating Groucho Marx..

  • Looks fine to me. Any pictures I've seen of me I look in absolute agony, suppose we all like to think we are doing a Jessica Ennis-Hill type run.

  • OOh no! I don't want to look like her, someone described her style (it might have been her or her trainer) as demented chicken pecking corn...

  • Ha ha ! :-)

    Paula Radcliffe doesn't have a "text book " style of running either does she ? Her head is bobbing up and down, you will certainly see shes running from the other side of the hedge ! :-) xxx

  • Yeah, I was going to say doing a neater sort of Paula Radcliffe.

    It's a lovely bit of a video and you can be proud of it.

  • Yeah but I'd take demented chicken if it also meant I could get anywhere near her performance (or, you know, that body. The woman is utterly beautiful.)

  • A natural-born gazelle wafting effortlessly over the finish line. Just like me... ;) Well done you!

  • He he - not too bad at all, Curly.

    Gazelling along with a swishy ponytail is such a cliche anyway.

  • Curly you look fabulous!! Not a puff or a gasp in sight. Can't for the life of me imagine running in such tiny shorts. If I thought anyone I knew was videoing me, I'd have to run in a burka. ;)

  • they ARE tiny shorts Curlygurly, but you are wearing them well and looking good :) the ones from your shopping spree last week? well done on your race, you look like you're really enjoying yourself! :)

  • Yes they are and they ARE tiny! They are a bit camels foot too unfortunately. I got them for France really, where it gets a bit hotter than here!

  • you might just of inspired me to get some smaller shorts! they looked nice :)

  • Oh Hen , you look fab ! You really do !

    Even the cows look impressed ! :-)

    Thanks for sharing ! :-) xxx

  • Where's Hen's video gone? I wanted to comment...She looked great!

  • Its disappeared ! How bizarre ! :-) xxx

  • Brilliant Curly, just brilliant! You make it look effortless, and anyway, better than sitting on the couch! Well done you. i generally have my war face on, and forget to smile - Lordy, I dread to think the amount of people I've scared!


  • How tall are you Curly ? You look amazing :-) xxx

  • Thank you PP, I'm 5'10.

  • Oh I always wanted to be tall.....

    Alas, I am and always will be , a short arse :-) xxx

  • I see a young ponytailer pronking about local roads and you just would not believe how she holds her forearms - bent up from the elbows with hands dangling and flapping from side to side... #catty ;)

  • I've seen some like that too! I've noticed on my travels different styles in different countries. They run like you described in Spain, the men as well as the women. I've just got back from Portugal where the runners seem to run with straight legs, kicking their feet out in front of themselves, that's really weird!

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