Couch to 5K

One run left

Can't believe I'm finally here. Started a similar program about 5 years ago following a serious knee injury and had to give up after 3 weeks because my knee kept swelling and I gave up and got fat.

I then heard about this program and thought that I would give it a try. Started it in mid Jan and got as far as week 4 but then went skiing for a week, came back with food poisoning followed by the flu followed by my running buddy getting injured, all in all lost about 4 weeks so ended up starting again with one or two minor repeats and set backs on the way. But, finally made it to week 9 run 2 complete. Can't tell you how happy I am. Never, ever thought I'd make it this far and actually feel ever so slightly bereft that I only have one run left.

Not sure where next. Will get the last run done on Weds and then come back on here for some forward tips.

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Wow! What a journey! You will feel quite emotional after that last run I'm sure. Good luck.


Oh yes it will be epic. There could well be tears ☺ of joy and relief

Good luck with your final run. Enjoy it!


Good luck :)

Let us know how you get on


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