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I'm getting faster

After recently graduating I've been running with the help of Map my run (thanks to advice from here).

I am an incredibly slow runner. On Saturday I ran for 30 minutes and did a pace of 10 minutes 55 seconds per km.

Yesterday I ran for the first time without Laura using Map My Run telling me my distance/pace/split every 5 minutes. I listened to Take That in concert (don't judge!). My pace was 10 minutes 18 seconds per km.

So I improved by 37 seconds per km.

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Well done Daisy. Nothing wrong with Take That ;-)

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That's a huge improvement. Well done. And no judgement on music you listen to while running.

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Take That rule!! I went to see them in concert on 30th May!!

Don't worry about your pace. I'm also a slow runner. The main thing is you are doing activity for 30 minutes.

Your pace will continue to improve :)

Keep going. You're doing great!!



That's a great improvement. No judgment on your taste in music either :) All in all it all sounds like you had a great run :)

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Maybe Take That were the reason you ran faster? So it would be over sooner? ;)

Don't worry about slow running, you are still faster than the sofa!


Thats fantastic, I am a slow runner too, slower than you! But its not about the speed right now, that will come to us later, good luck and Take That rock!!

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