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Did w6r3 then walked around Bushey Park

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Got through w6r3, 25 mins non stop, felt tough on legs, but still had enough in the tank to up the pace over the last 30 secs, so am pleased.

Then my friend showed me round Bushey Park, he's doing the Parkrun there on Sat and asked me to do w7r1 with him. I bought us an ice cream cornet 99 as a celebration, naughty but nice, very occasionally.

He said I could probably do a Parkrun, but I shall bide my time, am a tad reluctant, legs still feel a bit uncomfortable running. Am losing weight, but still 2st overweight, so should be easier on the pins once I get the weight down, so not too many ice creams though.😁

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You could just try Parkrun and run for the duration of the w7r1and then walk the rest of the way. Well done on getting this far and you've just put me in the mood for an ice cream!

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If you can run for 25 mins, you'll be a lot faster than a lot of the people who enter the big parkruns like Bushy Park - and if you're as big as me, you'll more than have earned the calories in a 99!

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