Couch to 5K

Week 4 done!

Finally completed week 4! Has taken me 2 weeks, had to take a week off in between runs 1 and 2 due to onset of really bad hayfever! (Never had it before so it shocked me a little!) Run 2 was tough, felt like everything was against me, had a nosebleed as I left the house, really tight leg muscles that I had to stretch on every walk and cars stopping to speak to me - despite having earphones in and clearly in running clothes! I hated it :(

Today I woke up and somehow managed to find some motivation and thought "right I'm going to smash week 4 finally" and I did! :) It was a lot slower than previous weeks but there is more running so I suppose that's pretty normal. Found breathing through my mouth whilst running difficult (pesky hayfever) but found some really good stretches which I did before I left and no leg pain!! :)

Looking forward to week 5 but slightly worried after how much I struggled with week 4...Happy running people!

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Well done. Being stubborn really pays:)


Well done :) determined is a really good trait :D


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