Couch to 5K

W2R1 done!!

Well, I just finished run 1 of week 2. I was going to wait until tomorrow to do it but I was feeling kind of pent up/stressed after I got off work so I decided to go run a day early. I followed some advice given to me on here to slow down and not run as fast as I can during the running parts, that worked out great. I didn't feel too sluggish or anything the whole time. I actually feel really good now; I hope I can keep it up.

Unfortunately it's extremely hot here in Texas during the day, so I have to run at night.

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Hallo Texan! Well done! Keep going - you'll have such a sense of achievement at the end. I am very slow but got there in the end, by following the wise words of others on this forum, fit and no injuries and was lucky never having to re-do a run!!


Well done Texan,

I'm tring W2r1 tomorrow and seeing how I go...if I can't do it, I repeat week 1


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