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Cardiff parkrun; w8r2

Cardiff parkrun; w8r2

Hi, thanks for reading :)

Cardiff Parkrun

Me and my mate had a go at the Cardiff Parkrun on Saturday and it was a worthwhile experience. We'll definitely start nearer the front next time because, as I'm sure anyone that's done it before will know, trying to get past the 100s of people in front of you is very tricky for the first 1-2/3 of the first KM. 712 showed up.

See the above picture for my time, which I'm happy with. My Mate Gerwyn you can see finished at 457.

Bit of a shame we had to walk 3 miles there and back, it would have been nice to have something closer. We're running round Roath park this weekend instead. My legs were satisfyingly tired though on Sunday and I feel it's the walking that did it for the most part.


Noticeably took more out of me than w8r1 and I smiled even more than I did in w8r1 when Laura suggested upping the pace half way through. I took my phone with me this time to see if it could tell me approx. how far I went (Smartband still not working) and it didn't prove much of a problem in my pocket. Result: 5.4 km (05:10 min/km).

Given my progress in week 8 I think for me personally it will be running for 30 mins that'll be the challenge next week. I look forward to seeing the effect the run on Saturday will have on my Monday run.

Thanks again for reading, I imagine the next post will be after my 5/10km run around Roath park unless w8r3 is special.

Best regards,


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Great pace and I am glad you enjoyed your park run. I am one of the polders at the back at our park run. I am not the fastest so I make sure I start right at the back so I don't hold anyone up. Happy running.


Well done Mik. That is tremendous progress.

If you are even slightly concerned about making the 30 mins., just slow it down a bit - not every run should be at a fast pace.


Well done and great time. Glad that you managed to drag a mate into it too. Nice warm up and cool down exercise too.


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