Slow is best!!

We say it all the time go slowly, then we try to beat our times and on my runs I was telling myself lets just get this over with, the quicker you go the sooner it will be over.

With the pace on plan set at 6:44-7:18 i knew it was going to hard to stick to. I decided to slow down as much as i could. I decided against the hills- as I was enjoying going slowly and found my run so much better with a goal and at a more comfortable pace. The hills will have to wait until saturday now.

I must admit that my plan looks good with 2 runs crossed off already. So i am looking forward to working my way through the plan, thank goodness I have my Garmin to buzz me when i am going too fast.

Slow is best!!


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16 Replies

  • All the best with the shortened training plan Vix.

    I agree with you on the 'slow' running thing. I am doing a bunch of runs aiming for 7:15 per Km (normally end up just a tad faster) and find it really comfortable at that pace.

  • Thank you. I think over the next month I am just going to have to have some control and go slowly so i can do the distance.

    Happy Running!!!

  • I am so glad to read this post Dunder. I have been trying to up my speed (which is dismally slow) and have really stopped enjoying my running. Each run has become an ordeal and I find myself more and more reluctant to go out and do it. It's nice when I finish but that's about all. The trouble is, when you reach a certain age, your natural speed is slower than ten years earlier but the constant pressure of Strava updates by your younger kids and friends persuade you that you just don't measure up. How can a 7-8 minute kilometre pace be called running when all the runners you know seem to be doing 4-5 minute/K pace?

    Will try and chill out.

  • Oh dear, your slow pace sounds quite good to me!

    I read a post here a few weeks ago about why we run. I think the constant striving to improve on time, distance etc can put the pressure on and take the pleasure away. Whilst at times I think it's great to have a goal to strive for, it's not for everyone and improvement isn't always realistic. If you take my starting point as being on the couch then 3 runs a week regardless of speed and distance (well, needs to be more than 5metres I suppose!) is still an achievement. If I just do my runs and look around and enjoy the scenery and fresh air and colours and feelings of endorphins at the end, It probably does me as much good mentally as physically. Happy running!

  • I think we all just have to find what works for us, TT.

    I do want to challenge myself and to be able to go quicker but I can do that with the occasional faster run. I think that running faster more often would become a chore for me too whereas the 'excitement' of gunning for a PB only now and again balances nicely with the comfortable enjoyment of the slower runs.

    Comparing ourselves to others, especially those who are decades younger, is ultimately fruitless I think.

    Hope you get your running mojo back soon.

  • That makes sense Dunder. Maybe I will just run for time/distance/enjoyment for most runs and perhaps put a spurt on once every two or three weeks to try and get a PB. I do need a target to keep me going. That's the Catch 22....

  • 4-5 min/km?!! Wow, you hang out with some speed freaks!

  • Not by choice Tomas. Your family is thrust upon you ;-)

  • Thank you jo42. That has encouraged me. The next question is-do I do the Park Run on Saturday as I planned or give it a miss? I don't usually run in company. But despite finishing way, way at the back I find that Park Runs at lest convince me I'm not an oddball for running at my age which is the feeling i get in our village when the net curtains twitch as my blinding Sauconys trot past!

  • It's so hard not to get caught up with the running faster thing!! I have found setting myself a new goal has helped (well today at least!) Running slower also feels better. I would say skip the park runs if your not enjoying them, as regards to the curtains I would try to not it let you worry you. you know there are lots of people running out there of all different ages and shapes.

  • Nice work Vixchile! You're on track, just 7.5 weeks to go ;-)

  • Thank you, I must admit it's not a very challenging week but as soon as the website opens I will be signing up!!

  • I wasn't going to run tonight, my last run was Saturday morning, as it was So windy. However I did go and said to myself that it didn't matter how slow I was. I still managed 5k in 34 mins, my last kilometre being the slowest I have ever done. I felt very pleased that I managed it, even though It did feel slow. It's not all about breaking records, it's about getting out there and enjoying yourself

  • Exactly, sometimes a slow run is good. I am looking forward to running slowly over the next month.

  • Word of wisdom from a couple of books I've read recently. "Without slow runs there can be no fast runs".

    Yes. You have to run slowly every now and then. If you don't you will end up doing all your runs at the same pace - too slow to grow stronger and too fast to recover. So a waste of time and effort. Hence do run slowly. It's the only way you can lay the foundation to grow as a runner.

  • Nice and easy does it all the time.. *plink* *plink* *plonk*

    ( sorry there are three notes at the end of that old Frank Sinatra song i hear in my head when i quoted it.. that was the best approximation i could DO!)

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