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Wk 7 runs 1 & 2

I did wk 7 run 1 last fri and today did wk 7 run 2.

I am feeling elated, not cos I have conquered the fact that last fri I swallowed a fly that wiggled and jiggled inside me (I am not that old!) and a random stone decided to torture me by jumping in my shoe - me being that I didn't want to slow my pace so I continued running!

Today was a lot better - no flies, no stones, I even upped my pace - I am eating a lot more healthily and low carbs - I find I have a lot more energy! I don't know about you guys but carb loading is not the way to go for me.

I have entered a half marathon later this year - that's how good I feel! And my hubby says I can treat myself to a garmin watch to train for the half marathon once I graduate from the c25k programme - so now I only have 7 more runs to go!

Well done to me, and well done to all you people who are doing well with the programme. We all can do it! 😎👍

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Nah, no carb loading required til you're running super long distances. Just eat healthy carbs in modest amounts and you'll be fine.


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