Lost my iPod!

So I lost my ipod with the c25k podcasts on it... Can't find it ANYWHERE! And without the podcasts I haven't been able to go for my runs! I've been so busy that I haven't had time to find another way around this problem. I have an Android phone so that makes it even more tricky...

But today I decided that 4 days of no running is far too long! I downloaded a c25k app on my phone - meaning Laura has been replaced by this ugly computerised voice, :'( But at least the timing is the same, and at least I could run to my own music for once. W4r3 done and dusted!

The problem is (apart from not knowing where my ipod is), is that I've only run twice this week, and the same goes for the week before. Do you guys think it's best to do another repetition of this week (so do w4r4) before moving on to week5? I've completed 3 runs in week 4, but it feels like its been very spaced out, and despite my great expectations for w4r3, I still struggled to get through...

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  • I'm pretty sure you can download the podcasts onto android phones. Someone will tell you how (I'm not very good with technology!).

  • Yes you can! xx

    Or at least I think you can. Got me wondering now......

  • You can down load the podcasts and then use a podcast listener to listen to them. I use Beyond Pod. but the C25k app is available in android with the lovely Laura so you can try that one too. :)

  • I did many weeks with only 2 runs during the "9 weeks" C25k program , which is why it took me 16 weeks.... so I would not repeat the week, just go on with W5R1 and see how it goes - sometimes it is surprising how better I run after a longer rest.... (Am on a forced one at the moment... no run since Sunday , thanks to cold/flu, I am exhausted even just walking the dog!)

    I have an old Ipod so cannot download podcasts anylonger but on the NHS website you can download zip files (MPS) and then copy them on whatever device, make sure you have a memory card in your phone

    Go here:


    you'll see the c25k window

    click on the week and at the bottom you'll see "download to your desktop" - I think this means you can use it with every computer

    Hope this helps!

    Happy running!

  • PS - Hope you'll find your Ipod!

    I regularly loose my phone - about 5 times a day... one of the places I often find it is between the car passenger seat and the door.... or worst, well tucked in next to the handbrake ;)

  • Bad news about your iPod, although Ully is right, you can definitely download the app onto Android phones. Personally I'd listen to your body before you decide what to do. Plenty of people take more than 1 days rest between runs, so if you feel like you could move on to the next week, then go for it. If not, just redo one of the w4 runs. :)

  • The podcasts are just MP3 files and you can play them on your Android phone just as you would on your iPod.

    As others have said your slightly extended spacing between runs shouldn't be a problem, you are going fine and it's probably best to move on to week 5. The step from W4 to W5R1 isn't a huge one anyway.

    Hope the iPod turns up somewhere!

  • Sad news about your iPod that really is, but not sure about the loss of podcasts, maybe I am doing something wrong but I haven't used them at all as I don' run with anything other than my watch. (I did use the iPhone app for the first time Wednesday because I was on a tread mill) but I just make a mental note of the intervals and use my watch! Up to week 4 they have only been 2 or 3 repeats, maybe it gets more complicated, I do hope not I can't be doing with the hassle.

    Good luck anyway, it sounds like you have alternatives and hopefully your iPod turns up safe and sound. Its always horrible when you have to change what you are used to.

  • You can download for android on that Google store thingy. Well done for getting back out there, even if it was without your fix of Laura. I'd keep going on the programme - no reason to repeat.

    I hope you find your ipod soon. General I find lost objects when I've given up all hope and bought another one :D

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