Couch to 5K

Back after 2 weeks of sore throat

Didn't post for 20 days. And didn't run for almost two weeks because of sore throat. Yesterday got back to running. Ran for 15 minutes + 5 minute walks before and after. Was quite surprised that getting back is not that hard, though 15 minutes and 3 km is sufficiently less than 4.4 km in 25 minutes last time.

Now I foresee a couple of weeks climbing back on track...

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Glad you are recovered. You will build back up quite quickly. Enjoy your running!


I've noticed that I can take a week's break without any serious impact on my running, but after two weeks I do need to work harder in order to get back to where I was. Sounds similar to what you've experienced. The good news is that you will (of course) get back to where you were :)


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