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W7r2 - beyond my expectations

Hello, thank you for choosing to read this.

After my run on Sunday night (see my last post) I was left a little disappointed that I hadn't tried a bit harder, given that I covered the same distance than w6r3 despite finding it easier.

On starting today's run I really listened when Laura said 'it's not about running fast, it's about running for 25 minutes'. She echoed what people were telling me when I posted my last post and I decided I wouldn't push for the whole 25 minutes and just pushed a bit harder for maybe 20 seconds just to see what happened. I suppose I just didn't want to leave feeling I could have done more.

Well, what a mistake. I did run faster for the 20 seconds but paid for it for almost the entirety of the remaining 24:40. I managed to keep going, and beyond my expectations second by second I kept one foot in front the other and finished. I wasn't able to 'push' in the last 60 seconds like Laura said and like I did on Sunday and was just thankful it was almost over. I felt much more of a relief on moving to the brisk walk than the last run.

Now, I regret pushing myself when I don't think I am ready for it and on Thursday/ Friday I will not push so hard, my objective will be to just keep running.

In my last post I expressed some dissatisfaction with my 'Lifelog' app on my Sony Xperia (new) mobile as it showed I had covered the same distance. Had I not been tracking my distance I would have thought I had run more.

I am going to attach a screenshot of what the Lifelog app says after my run today and put it with the next post entitled 'Wow'. The picture doesn't suit going at the top of this post.

Thanks for reading, see my next post for what result I got today


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The important thing is you finished the run so well done to you. And you're right. Just get through the programme and then you can work on pushing yourself. You don't want to get injured now when you're so close to the end.


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