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All runs cancelled due to hip pain, about to restart

Hi guys, its been a while.

Well I had got up to 10 miles in my half marathon training when my hips began to really hurt so I had to stop. That was back in February and I have not ran since as its been so damn sore.... Anyway I think its time I got back in the saddle but don't know where to begin. I'm sure I can do 1-2k even though I've not ran for couple of months. what would any of you suggest.... I will appreciate any advise and thank you :)

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go for a run. Do just a short one. couple of k as you suggest. don't push it. Then do it again every couple of days for a week, just to get your body used to the idea again. Then, if you haven't fallen apart and died, start pushing the distances a bit. Do a week of 5ks, then 8, 10 etc. You should be able to get back up to 10 milers within a month. You won't need to do the same 10% buildup you did originally, but don't just dive back in the deep end either. Make sure you are doing your strength exercises and working through whatever was causing the issue originally. Mobility WOD is a great site for pinpointing the root of movement pains.

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Thanks Rignoid, sound advice, whats the mobility WOD please i need to do something as pain comes back fast but iots not as severe.


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