Couch to 5K

Attempt #3

I have kept a relatively healthy lifestyle but am starting the couch to 5 k again. Third time lucky.

I have started a stressful career in September, and have neglected myself. I am starting to realise this workaholic lifestyle is starting to become damaging and have decided to put myself first.

In the last year I have put one a stone and now have an overweight BMI of 27. My aim is to get to 60kg (9.4) loosing a stone and maintain a healthy BMI.

This is the first time in my life I have ever been classed as overweight but I think it is the motovation I need.

I am going to classes regularly such as spinning and Aerobics.

In the summer I am going on the trip of a lifetime to Australia for four weeks. This is my goal post! I want to start the couch to 5k so I will be able to run and maintain my weight loss while I am out there!

Let's see how this one goes!! I am going to track my runs on my run as it connects with my fitness pal

Any weight loss tips welcome!

My first one would be: preparation is key!!

Looking forward to the future!

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I started running in the first year of a stressful job and wouldn't now be without it - totally brilliant stress buster/ way of dealing with anxiety. Good luck with it :)


Good luck. If you put your mind to it you can do it, just be stubborn!


Third time will be the charm! It's so much fun and just think how exciting it will be to run in Australia! Putting weight on is so easy and getting it off is so hard lol. The c25k will help with weight loss. I found the paleo diet to be very successful for me but everyone is different. good luck and keep us updated on your progress!


My tip is post your progress here. We will not only cheer you on but will be here to give a boot in the appropriate anatomical region if you falter, or a thousand shoulders to cry on if things go wrong.

Be firm with yourself and make yourself find the time to do it. C25k really works and being a runner is one of the easiest ways to lose stress. Good luck.

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Good luck with it and do post on here, it's great for support and motivation! C25K definitely works, I've had friends who were very unfit at school who are now doing marathons after starting with this. I've just signed up to my second 10K! I warn you it's addictive! :) I also lost quite a lot of weight (2 and a half stones) with the paleo diet - the only thing is you have to be disciplined and if you eat out a lot, it's quite hard. It's basically a healthy way of eating, fresh food without the carbs, sugar and dairy. Good if you like cooking and protein! :) Good luck with it all x


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