These crazy babies arrived today so I took 'em out for a spin this evening. Soooooo comfortable AND at last I could tootle along the river trail without fearing I would fall over!!

Having exercised 5 days in a row now (who said that?!) next up us two lovely rest days. Must confess to doing tomorrow's run today due to arrival of the said crazy babies AND the awful forecast for tomorrow!

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  • Ooooh nice!!!

  • Need sunglasses on to wear them πŸ˜‚

  • Very nice. The big chunky tread sure does help with traction.

  • I definitely felt much more secure.

  • Pretty! Looking good! X

  • Wow - they're Bobby dazzlers!

  • Very preeeety

  • NICE xx

  • They look good.

  • They're very comfy too 😊

  • New Shoes! Wonderful! :-)

  • It's very tempting to buy all the shoes!!!

  • Gotta love new shoes! x :-)

  • They make me smile every time I pass them 😊

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